Organ builders

I accomplish the scheduling and construction of wind chests in collaboration with a highly qualified carpenter’s workshop. Each wind chest gets countersunk with a CNC machining center. To reflect the important individual element of your workshop’s style virtually each stage of extension and individualization is possible. I perform each necessary design step including but not limited to glued laminated corpora, just drilled toe boards and ready-to-install wind chests with all pipefittings and grids. Low prices resulting from the use of a CNC driller provide a higher planning dependability and rentability for you.


I offer all churches within the vicinity of my location in Weiden as well as in the nearer area of the Czech Republic a cost-efficient maintenance service and service level agreements for the instruments including cleaning, overhauling, intonation and minor restorations. In doing so I revert to cooperations with other organ building manufactories to achieve a best possible result with regard to cost and efficiency. I will be pleased to advise you with no obligation and to make an offer considering all relating operations.