New instruments

My occupation comprises all tasks regarding the planning and organization for building a pipeorgan. In advance I create all kinds of drafts for brochures, outlines and profiles with all corresponding documents for presentations. The meticulous and precise preparation of comprehensive and detailed drafts and compositions along with all computations and bills of materials are carried out in close relationship with you. All compositions and designs are created with 3D CAD/CAM technology. What you will get is an individual customer profile where parameters such as your typical construction technique, your preferred suppliers and your vertical integration are taken into account. The finished documents are then delivered to you digitally, on paper or transparencies. In addition to the aforementioned service features I also offer the assembling management and project monitoring of instruments planned by me.

Existing instruments

Technical renewal, remodeling and reorganization of existing instruments depends on a substantial strategy. Simple, cost-efficient solutions are as much in demand as creative ideas and familiarizing with already existing projects. My services include (but are not limited to) basic constructions of consoles as well as planning of combination system controls or even all necessary scheduling in order to remodel existing organs.