There are numerous tasks which incur in running a manufactory and which are important to guarantee that everything goes according to plan. Among them are requests for comparative offers for subcontractors and contracted services, organization of the flow of materials, locating new and low priced sources for materials, work scheduling and last but not least project controlling. I carry out all the above partially or to your project's full extent - straightforwardly and efficiently. This exonerates you and provides you with additional capabilities, allowing you to use them for the building or restoration of your instruments. I would be pleased to offer you an in-depth advisory service based on your individual requests.


Exploring various opinions, attitudes and results of discussions is vital for a project’s success. It is imperative to pick the right course of action and best possible materials as well as finding a viable way in creating or restoring an instrument. I provide an independent third-party opinion and an impartial view which may serve as a broader support in solving your unsettled issues. I am also pleased to consult organists and organ experts in terms of new constructions, reconstructions, reorganizations and restorations. A high degree of discretion is taken for granted.